Top 6 Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits

Health benefits of pumpkin seed oil Pumpkin seed oil is an intensely dark green oil pressed from raw or roasted pumpkin seeds with many health benefits.

It has a rich and nutty flavor and is a potent source of beneficial fatty acids, antioxidants and DHT blocking compounds such as beta-sitosterol and delta-7-sterine.

Here are the top health benefits of pumpkin seed oil and 6 great reasons to take it regularly.

1. Pumpkin Seed Oil and BPH

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a condition that affects many men around the world, particularly men over 50.

BPH is believed to be due to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) promoting proliferation of prostate cells. This results in an enlargement of the prostate gland and can lead to problems and discomfort when urinating.

The phytosterol beta-sitosterol is found in significant concentrations in pumpkin seed oil and helps block the damaging effects of DHT by inhibiting its conversion from testosterone.

Pumpkin seed oil also contains the mild steroid delta-7-sterine that specifically competes with DHT in the prostate and seems to help prevent prostate cell multiplication.

Alongside these two DHT blockers, pumpkin seed oil has high levels of antioxidant carotenoids, omega 9 fatty acids and zinc, all of which may help reduce a man’s risk of developing BPH.

This study found pumpkin seed oil supplementation reduced symptoms and pain for men with symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia without negative side effects.

2. How to Use Pumpkin Seed Oil for Hair Loss

Both an enlarged prostate and male pattern baldness are believed to result, at least in large part, from an overproduction of DHT. The same beta-sitosterol, delta-7-sterine and perhaps yet unidentified compounds in pumpkin seed oil that reduces DHT’s effect on the prostate cells, may also help prevent it having a negative effect on your hair follicles.

Some people even recommend applying pumpkin seed oil directly to the scalp for its DHT blocking properties. If you don’t want green hair then taking raw pumpkin seed oil by the spoonful or drizzled over a salad seems much more enjoyable.

Pumpkin seed oil benefits

3. Arthritis Treatment

Taking pumpkin seed oil benefits your joints and the capsules are a popular supplement for the treatment of arthritic pain.

The high levels of antioxidants, fatty acids and other compounds in pumpkin seed oil are often reported to help reduce inflammation in joints for sufferers of arthritis.

In fact, some research has shown the positive effects of pumpkin seed oil on arthritic inflammation is on a par with the anti-arthritis drug Indomethacin, without the negative side effects like elevated liver lipid peroxides.

4. Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Pumpkin seed oil has high levels of phytosterols which are believed to help reduce LDL cholesterol (the bad type of cholesterol) by lowering its absorption when taken with a meal containing cholesterol.

Research, such as this study by the Department of Internal Medicine at Washington University, has shown high levels of phytosterols in the diet significantly decreased cholesterol absorption and may be of benefit in lowering a person’s risk of heart disease.

5. Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits for IBS Sufferers

Pumpkin seed oil may also help with the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The high fatty acid content is believed to reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and many people report a lessening of symptoms when they take pumpkin seed oil regularly.

6. Intestinal Parasites

Pumpkin seed oil health benefits even include protecting you from parasitic worms. It has been traditionally used as a treatment for intestinal parasites and has the unusual ability to paralyze worms in the digestive tract. For this purpose a tablespoon is taken on an empty stomach, preferably first thing in the morning, .

Importantly, this paralysis is temporary and is therefore followed with a laxative such as castor oil an hour later so the worms can be expelled in a bowel movement. Without a bowel movement they will recover.

It is generally recommended to continue this treatment for several days, with several days break and then repeat over the course of a couple of weeks.

Intestinal parasites are tenacious little things that can have a very negative effect on your health and energy and it seems many people are unknowingly infected with them.

If you suspect a problem, consult a knowledgeable healthcare professional who understands how serious a problem parasites can be.

Calories in Pumpkin Seed Oil

A tablespoon of pumpkin seed oil has around 120 calories, primarily from beneficial fatty acids.

You need these kind of fats in your diet though and pumpkin seed oil’s calories aren’t nearly as important as its many health benefits.

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Where to Find Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil

A good pumpkin seed oil should be 100% pure, cold pressed and preferably organic. Pumpkin seed salad oil is a mixed product that may be of questionable quality, especially if it is blended with other unhealthy vegetable oils.

This rich tasting pumpkin seed oil is the best I’ve found for the price and a teaspoon a day with a meal is a good dosage to start with for general health benefits.

For treating health conditions like prostate enlargement, arthritis, IBS or hair loss a teaspoon with each meal will provide a more beneficial effect. If you prefer capsules, an inexpensive option are these 1000mg softgels, currently on good discount.

Pumpkin seed oil is sensitive to light and heat so it’s best to keep the bottled oil in the fridge. Stored this way, it should last for several months. Pumpkin seed oil capsules are also best kept away from light and heat but are better stored in a cupboard.

Taken regularly, pumpkin seed oil benefits many aspects of your health. While it is best known for its positive effect on hair loss and prostate enlargement, the wide range of nutrients in pumpkin seed oil are likely to be beneficial in many other important areas.

Much more on how to take pumpkin seed oil, dosage and the best brands here. There’s also more on the benefits of pumpkin seeds for men here.

Best 6 Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits

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