Brazil Nuts for Immunity

Brazil Nut BenefitsMaintaining a healthy immune system has become more important than ever with the worldwide pandemic.

Selenium is an essential trace mineral that plays a vital role in your body’s defense against viruses and other infectious diseases. Yet many people are deficient in this nutrient due to mineral depleted soils and processed food diets.

According to this 2020 research in the Journal of Medical Virology, selenium deficiency: “induces not only impairment of host immune system, but also rapid mutation of benign variants of RNA viruses to virulence.”

The researchers concluded: “selenium supplementation could be an effective choice for treatment of this novel virus.”

Whist just theoretical until proven, I personally think it makes a lot of sense to make sure you’re getting healthy amounts of selenium in your diet right now.

Brazil nuts are by far an away the richest source of selenium. Just 2 of these delicious organic nuts a day will cover this important nutritional base naturally.

There’s 11 more superfoods for immunity and 3 antiviral supplements here I’m personally taking in 2023 to boost my body’s defenses and natural immunity.

Of course always consult your healthcare provider immediately if you suspect infection with the new virus.

Brazil Nuts for Immunity

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