Why Multivitamins Don’t Work and a Green Alternative that Does

Eating healthy meals on a daily basis can be challenging.

Conventional intensive farming techniques, along with relentless over-processing, have stripped many once nutritious foods of much of their original value.

Realizing this, many people have turned to multivitamin supplements, promising all the nutrition you need in a little plastic bottle.

Unfortunately, any look into scientific research shows that, while they may prevent serious deficiencies, multivitamins rarely leads to greatly improved health and energy.11 Superfoods in Green Juice

Proper nutrition seems to be far too complex to engineer in a lab. Some nutrients are beneficial in naturally occurring amounts, but may have unwanted side effects in unnatural larger doses.

Perhaps most importantly, our bodies can have problems using the synthetic compounds in many supplements and, without the natural co-factors, they may actually do more harm than good.

There is an easier way. Nature has designed us to get everything we need from what we eat and drink.

If many foods now offer little in the way of nutrients due to over-farming and over-processing, we can turn to those that still provide exceptional nutritional value – superfoods.

AvocadoPapayaBok ChoyBrazil Nuts, Pumpkin SeedsAmla and the many other superfoods offer substantial nutritional ‘bang for your buck’ and are well worth including in your meals wherever possible.

What if you’re travelling though, as I often do, or can’t find superfoods locally?

One far superior choice to taking a lab engineered multivitamin is to use concentrated powdered superfoods.

Some incredibly potent yet still mild tasting superfood formulations have come out in recent years. I’ve tried many of them but my favorite is this great tasting organic Green Juice from Organifi.

It’s full of energizing greens, concentrated antioxidants and covers a broad array of nutritional elements essential for good health.

If you’ve been taking multivitamins and not noticing much of a difference have a quick read of these customer reviews and see if your multivitamin is making you feel like this.

Green Juice Ingredients vs Multivitamins

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