SuperFruit Concentrates in Sparkling Water — A Healthy Diet Soda Alternative

Healthy Soda Alternatives You Can Make at HomeSomething I’ve recently started drinking for their health benefits are superfruit concentrates of high antioxidant fruits and berries.

It struck me, while researching these posts on diet soda, that these superfruit concentrates, that are usually diluted with plain water like cordial, would actually be great mixed with sparkling water.

They really are. And in this form, they make a special kind of healthy diet soda alternative. One that’s close enough to the experience of drinking soda pop, while actually being good for you.

Here’s how I make them and how I’d suggest they’d work as an effective cola replacement or soda alternative.

First, get a good supply of sparkling water. High in calcium and bicarbonate would be best, but any plain, unsweetened sparkling water will do.

It’s important that it be one with no additives. The label should say carbonated water only. No tonic water and no ‘hints of’ flavors. That usually means aspartame or another artificial sweetener.

Make sure you have enough on hand to match the amount of soda that you’d usually drink in a fortnight.

Best Superfruit Concentrates

Next the superfruit concentrates. These are special concentrates of fruits and berries that are particularly high in antioxidants, vitamins and other health nutrients.

Ideally, we’re looking for unsweetened concentrates. The fruits and berries by themselves are naturally sweet so you really don’t need added sugar or worse high fructose corn syrup.

I’m currently drinking this Black Cherry Superfruit Concentrate from Amazon and it tastes great mixed with plain soda water.

Other health nutrient rich, unsweetened superfruit concentrates include this antioxidant rich Pomegranate and the incredible Maqui Superberry concentrate with maqui berry, pomegranate, acai and blueberry.

Superfood Caps

I find there’s something special about pouring the richly colored juice into the bottom of a glass, adding an ice cube or two and topping it up with a good sparkling mineral water.

It’s a new kind of ritual that can replace your old diet soda drinking ritual. With the fizz, the deep color and the sweetness and tang, it’s actually fairly similar to diet soda, even while being completely opposite in health terms.

A healthy diet soda? It is possible. And it certainly makes giving up cola and other sodas a lot easier.

Soda Replacement is Better Than Quitting Cold Turkey with Diet Cola Addiction

Replacement is always easier than quitting cold turkey with any kind of addiction. The usual advice when giving up a diet soda addiction is to just drink plain water. Personally, I don’t think that’s very good advice.

While drinking more water to keep hydrated is a very good idea while switching out these acidic drinks, you need a diet soda alternative that is similar enough to actually replace the soft drink you’re addicted to.

Plain water simply isn’t for most people and they’ll be likely to go back to drinking soda when willpower runs out. Willpower is limited. A new replacement ritual, once ingrained, is something that maintains itself.

Hopefully these superfruit concentrates can be the replacement. As to the ritual, coming up is a 10 Step Plan for Giving Up Diet Soda.

First, as a little more motivation in the next post is 5 Important Reasons to Give Up Diet Soda for Good.

SuperFruit Concentrates in Sparkling Water — A Healthy Diet Soda Alternative

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