The secret to falling asleep in 15 minutes or less

Millions of people struggle to get to sleep each night and suffer for it the next day.

In the longer term, poor sleeping patterns are known to increase your risk of serious diseases like diabetes and heart attack, as well as aging you prematurely.

Taking this special kind of magnesium 2 hours before bed can often help if you’re deficient (up to three quarters of Americans according to the World Health Organization).

There is another very common reason for sleeplessness and insomnia though and it’s on the increase with the crazy pace of our modern lives.

The ‘wake center’ of your brain is too active… even when your brain’s ‘sleep center’ is trying to help you get to sleep.

Your brain is literally fighting with itself…

And when that happens it’s very difficult to get the rest you need.

If this sounds like you then read this presentation on outsmarting insomnia, based on University of Oxford research.

They even have a shake recipe that cures insomnia, along with many other unusual methods to help you get to sleep in 15 minutes or less.

How to fall asleep in 15 minutes or less

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