Why Vitamin D is the Most Important Vitamin for Viral Protection

A new study published in the Aging Clinical and Experimental Research journal found a strong association between low blood levels of vitamin D and higher rates of COVID-19 infections and mortality across 20 European countries.

The scientists said: “We found a significant relationship between vitamin D levels and the number COVID-19 cases, and particularly COVID-19 mortality rates.”

Clearly this is a very important time to be getting enough of the ‘sunshine vitamin’. Unfortunately, many of us can’t get outside much and are likely to be even more deficient than normal.

The Best Form of Vitamin D

I get my daily vitamin D from these organic Suntrex D3 drops, a biologically active form of vitamin D sourced from natural lichen and with nothing artificial added.

The 5,000 IU dose not only boosts viral immunity, it also supports strong bones and a healthy heart, enhances concentration and memory and can even improve your mood by aiding production of neurotransmitters like serotonin.

Most vitamin D supplements are made from lanolin, an industrial wax secreted from sheep’s wool, and mixed with inflammatory vegetable oils.

You can get Suntrex D3 here with free shipping and see the hundreds of highly positive customer reviews. It’s a superior liquid form of vitamin D for a similar price to less effective capsules and tablets with their many chemical additives.

Vitamin D isn’t a ‘sometimes’ supplement. It’s an essential one you need every single day, especially now, to stay healthy and support your body’s most critical processes and defenses.

Why Vitamin D is the Most Important Vitamin for Viral Protection

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