Zinc for Immunity and the Best Way to Get It

Zinc is an essential trace mineral for the normal functioning of many immune cells within your body.

It’s so important that even a small deficiency will impair your immune system and greatly increase viral infection risk.

The new coronavirus is part of a large family of RNA viruses. In laboratory experiments increased exposure to zinc stopped RNA viruses from multiplying.

Previous studies have also show zinc effective at treating other respiratory infections, including the original SARS virus.

Now researchers from the University of Melbourne are trialing the use of intravenous zinc to treat symptoms of the new coronavirus in patients.

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None of this is medical proof that zinc is proven to work. It’s simply too early for conclusive studies to have been done.

However, if, like me, you think zinc’s essential role in immunity makes it well worth taking daily, there are superior natural options available.

The best is this plant based organic zinc I take by the dropper. It’s made from guava leaves rather than chemicals and has other energy supporting trace minerals in the formula.

Because the zinc is naturally bound to plant proteins that your body easily absorbs it’s highly bio-available and won’t irritate your stomach like synthetic zinc can.

Another good option is to eat more zinc rich foods each day.

One of the best of these are mineral packed pumpkin seeds. They have a broad range of nutritional benefits and make for a filling and very healthy snack food.

I really like these great tasting raw and organic Styrian pumpkin seeds grown in Oregon.

A handful a day is a great way to boost your intake of zinc, magnesium and many other health promoting nutrients.

Zinc Immunity

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